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Technology In Education

SERC's Technology In Education Initiative

Technology In Education Initiative (TIE)

The goal of the Technology in Education Initiative is to provide training, technical assistance, and materials dissemination to general and special education teachers and administrators, student support services personnel, paraprofessionals, and family members regarding educational technologies (learning tools) that may facilitate the teaching and learning process and lead to greater student achievement. Programs range from awareness-level introductions of a wide array of learning tools ("low-tech" to mid-tech" to "high-tech") and strategies that are applicable in any learning context to ongoing, in-depth professional development activities designed to build local capacity. All Technology in Education Initiative programs offer opportunities for job-embedded application. The initiative also provides grant opportunities for an "expert-in-residence" program in which districts may engage the services of an expert presenter for a day.

For more information about the Technology in Education (TIE) initiative, please contact SERC Consultant, Smita Worah, Ph.D., at (860) 632-1485 ext.319

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