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School Climate Transformation Grant

School Climate Transformation Grant

The School Climate Transformation Grant is a five-year award to assist state agencies in developing, enhancing and expanding their statewide systems of support for, and technical assistance to, local education agencies (LEAs) and schools implementing an evidence-based, multi-tiered behavioral framework (MTBF) [e.g., positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS] for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for all students. This project will work collaboratively with schools and select state partners (i.e., Center for Behavioral Education & Research/CBER, and the State Education Resource Center SERC) to:

  • Enhance and deliver high-quality training to participating schools around the development of MTBF,
  • Expand the cadre of trained professionals in our state by building their capacity to deliver effective, meaningful support to schools and districts, and
  • Effectively align statewide improvement efforts focusing on school climate.

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