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Mathematical Literacy Initiative

SERC's Mathematical Literacy Initiative

Mathematical Literacy Initiative

This initiative is based on the belief that all students, including students with disabilities, can learn mathematics and improve their level of mathematical literacy. Teachers, administrators, curriculum developers, coaches and families will learn ways to develop student skills and a conceptual understanding of mathematics through high quality professional development opportunities.

The Connecticut Core Standards for Mathematics require teachers to learn new instructional strategies and principles. At the same time teachers are challenged with differentiating instruction in mixed ability classrooms, while struggling to prepare students for district and state assessments. SERC strives to support educators by providing training, coaching and resources that will strengthen their skills and content knowledge, and increase their confidence.

The Mathematical Literacy Initiative is premised on the findings of the following: Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS, 1999); Common Core State Standards for Mathematics; Principles to Actions—Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (NCTM, 2014)

What's New?

Middle School Math: Making Meaning with Manipulatives

Join us to learn how to integrate manipulatives into your math instruction! We’ll meet at four after- school sessions to learn how manipulatives can help your students’ conceptual understanding. Learn more here.

Elementary Math Teachers

Come to our session, “Differentiate Your Math Instruction (K-5)” to learn ways to provide access to ALL your students. This two-day session will offer many different strategies for differentiating content, process and product. Learn more here.

Secondary Math Teachers

SERC is offering a session to help secondary math teachers differentiate instruction. Many math classes are composed of students with widely varying math skills. Differentiation is vital to ensure that all students maximize their math understanding and fluency. This two-day session will offer many different strategies for differentiating content, process and product. Learn more here.

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