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We're more than just books! The SERC Library consists of 11 circulating Library resource collections. Click on a link below to access specific information regarding circulating resources.

Inservice Education Materials (IE)

A collection of books, DVDs, and other media resources that is available to support and enhance the learning and professional development needs of education personnel, college/university students, families, and community members.

Instructional Materials (IM)

A comprehensive collection of birth through adult teaching resources in all subject areas of general and special education. This includes activity guides and kits, lesson plans, media, and other curriculum support materials that are intended for classroom teaching and other professional placements.

School-Family-Community Partnerships (SFCP)

A collection of professional books, instructional materials, inservice education materials, and other resources that are designed to help educators, parents, and community members develop partnerships for the purpose of increasing student learning.

Professional Books

A collection of current books in all areas of education that includes, and is not limited to: social services; child studies; educational research; early childhood, elementary, middle, secondary, and special education; English language learners; gifted & talented; human development; pedagogy; developmental, educational, and behavioral school psychology; educational administration and policy; school reform; history of education; and social justice and equity.

Tests (T)

This collection contains educational and cognitive tests and measures. The Library carries a wide variety of criterion-referenced, norm-referenced, formative, summative, objective, subjective, formal, and informal assessment tools. The purpose of this collection is to provide education students and professionals with examples of these various tests and assessment tools for examination and study. Certain (restricted) tests are limited to qualified members as per the test publisher’s restrictions.
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Family Collection (FAM)

A collection of parenting resources, informational books, biographies, and autobiographies pertaining to disabilities and exceptionalities.

Young People's Literature (YP)

A collection of children’s books (fiction, nonfiction, and foreign and dual language) that includes but is not limited to: disability awareness; cultural diversities; divorce, death, grief, and loss; bullying; and interpersonal relationships.

Primary Mental Health Project (PMHP)

A collection of resources, purchased by the Connecticut State Department of Education, that are available to help primary grade children (kindergarten through grade three) make positive adjustments to the school experience, both educationally and socially.


A collection of educational CD-ROMS for children & adolescents in early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary education programs.

Vertical Files (VF)

A collection of topical documents, pamphlets, brochures, and government publications pertaining to general and special education.

Archive Books (ARC)

A collection of Professional Books that were published prior to the year 2000.

The Library also houses non-circulating resources that you may use in person at the Library, or viewed online (Journals only), including:

Reference Materials

This collection includes statistics, directories, encyclopedias, handbooks, test guides, and law reference materials.


The Library currently subscribes to many journals in print, and provides online access to thousands of additional titles. Bound, back issues of many educational and psychological journals from 1975 (the beginning of special education law) are also available. Additionally, the Library houses an extensive collection of unique, one-of-a-kind periodicals. Please refer to the list of journals for titles and publication dates.


This collection encompasses a wide variety of periodic news publications from professional organizations that specialize in issues pertaining to general education, special education, medical disabilities, and various family organizations.

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