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Integrated Student Support Services (ISSS)

SERC's ISSS Initiative

Integrated Student Support Services (ISSS)

Integrated Student Support Services

SERC's Integrated Student Support Services Initiative (ISSS) addresses removing barriers to student learning through professional development opportunities for support services professionals and the colleagues and families with whom they collaborate within schools and the community. ISSS focuses on the educational, communication, cultural, emotional, and health needs of students. It addresses Connecticut's achievement gaps by considering prevention, early intervention, intervention, and crisis response in support of student academic performance and healthy development. ISSS supports the interdisciplinary efforts of teams, as well as the discipline-specific needs of the professions it serves: occupational therapy, physical therapy, school counseling, school nursing, school psychology, school social work, and speech-language pathology.

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Connecticut's System for Education Evaluation and Development - Guidance Documents for Educator Support Specialists

Student and Educator Support Specialists Guidance Documents

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) recognizes the challenges faced by districts in evaluating educators who teach in non-tested grades and subjects. This group of professionals comprises approximately 69% of the educator work force in a district (National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, 2011). The CSDE has developed a series of documents to guide the evaluation of Student and Educator Support Specialists (SESS) who comprise part of the district developed models, to assist administrators in conducting evaluations for individuals from a variety of disciplines. Student and Educator Support Specialists are those individuals who by the nature of their job description do not have traditional classrooms, but serve a "caseload" of students, staff and/or families. In addition, they often are not directly responsible for content instruction nor do state standardized assessments directly measure their impact on students. Guidance documents, to include sample Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), have been created for the student support services professionals and can be accessed below. Some of these documents are work in progress.

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Teacher Evaluation for School-Based SLPs

SLP/SRBI Resources

New Resources for Student Support Services Professionals

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Dear Colleague: Letter on Speech and Language

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