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Comprehensive System of Personnel Development

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Comprehensive System of Personnel Development

The purpose of the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) is to improve the quality of educational and early intervention services and programs for infants, toddlers, children, and young adults with special needs through the effective preparation and ongoing professional development of educators, service providers, and families. It is through the development and implementation of the CSPD that the goal of an adequate supply of highly qualified personnel can be realized.

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Connecticut Assistive Technology Guidelines

AT Guidelines help to define the process for considering, implementing, and evaluating technoligies that equalize the learning experience for students of all abilities. These guidelines describe the continuum of AT from low-to high-tech; current federal and state laws and policies to include the Connecticut Birth to Three system through high school (ages 3-21); consideration of AT needs; assessment/evaluation; funding for AT; documentation; implementation and effectiveness; transition planning; administrative responsibilties; universal design for learning; formats for accessible instructional materials (AIM); the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards (NIMAS); and resources.

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CSPD Goals

The goal of the Connecticut Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) Council is to ensure an adequate supply of well qualified personnel to work with infants, toddlers, children, youth, and young adults with disabilities.

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A Shared Vision

It is the vision of CT CSPD that all the people of Connecticut will be valued citizens making personal choices that lead to lives filled with dignity, respect, happiness and opportunities.

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