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SERC's Autism Initiative

Autism Initiative

Autism is considered a neurological disorder which affects communication, social interaction and behavior. According to the CDC, 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism (CDC, 2008). The Autism initiative was created as a response to findings of the Connecticut Task Force on Issues Relating to the Education of Children with Autism. The report identified some of the current best practices for educating children with autism and urged that more training opportunities be made available for families and educators.

SERC's Autism Initiative seeks to foster a partnership with Connecticut's education system, parents and families, service responders, employers as well as service providers who work with individuals diagnosed with Autism.

The Autism Initiative offers a wide array of services in equity, excellence and education:

  • Provides professional development
  • Provides technical assistance
  • Offers links to best practices and research
  • Resources

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